What we do

Increase your ability to target your audience, create leads and sales with the best media tools. Working with all the major brands out there, we are sure we can help you find your audience using our targeted and advanced tools: Run a CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM, CPI Campaigns and enjoy the best results you can get with our advanced targeting.

Display Traffic

We place your ads on the best websites. Our platforms support numerous formats and sizes of banners and pop ups suitable for your advertising needs.

Mobile Ads

In app or mobile site traffic. Pop-under, banners, full page ads and many more mobile formats helping you distribute your app or promoting your mobile site.

Email Marketing

Mailers and Newsletter -We will create customized mailers that suit your needs. We will also find the right audience for your business.

Lead Generation

Lead generation creates consumer interests into your company's services. We have various methods of generating leads for your specific traffic.

Social Media

Through social media , our team can build a database of promising leads for your brand. Our team has creative ideas especially developed to attract social traffic.

Are you an advertiser?

We will deliver you qualified premium leads!

IDI Ventures is a super network that contains highly targeted sources and delivers only premium leads. These include a wide variety of media channels such as email, search, mobile, social, display ads and affiliate marketing.

We specialize in leads for various industries. Knowing that your company needs the best targeted traffic, we offer a variety of channels to achieve your goals, such as email marketing, social networks, display ads, and lead generation. Years of experience allows us to deliver you ONLY qualified premium leads.

IDI Ventures targets worldwide traffic, our resources across the different markets which provide leads according to your necessities.

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Are you a Publisher?

Start making money today!

If you know how to generate high quality leads, we are waiting for you. As a network, we are always looking to expand and increase our marketing channels, such as mobile, social advertising, email marketing, etc'.

We work with the most popular online trading brands in the market, and if your traffic has high quality your place is with us.

What makes us unique and successful at what we do is the diversity of our team. If you have what we need we are here waiting for you to join us.

Monetize your traffic with IDI Ventures

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About Us

IDI Ventures

  • Founded in 2008, IDI Ventures has established an impressive portfolio in ads marketing. We specialize in leads for various industries. IDI Ventures offers performance and branded based marketing solutions. Our mission is to generate high quality traffic for our advertisers.

  • We offer sophisticated ad's serving solutions with customized strategies to reach your goals. IDI Ventures combines talent, technology, and useful information, to bring quality leads to our clients by turning users into clients.

  • Be seen, where it’s relevant. Our media channels such as email, search, mobile, social, display ads and affiliate marketing will build a database of promising leads for your brand. Success is more than achieving your marketing goals. it’s about creating long and strong business collaboration, while optimizing and achieving your desired ROI.

  • We deliver high quality leads to advertisers through the combination of advanced technology, competitive pricing, hand-picked traffic sources and multiple optimization capabilities. Our performance based platform is one of the most profitable sources of consumers for our advertisers.


From our clients.

Our Team

IDI Ventures’ staff embodies the desired combination between creativity and technology. This collaboration enables us to give our clients the business model and the results they require in order to have their companies reach and even exceed their short term and long term targets.

The Creative Team

Our creative team is comprised of several departments, which include media buying, social media, in-house content and copy writing, RTB, and graphic design. Each of these interact with both suppliers and clients from geo locations around the world, be it the GCC, North America, Latin America, Asia, or Africa.

The Tech Team

At IDI Ventures, we believe technology is an art form in itself, which is why we strive to have the best available solutions in-house. We offer our clients full access to our leading technology platforms, marketing and industry consultants, so that they may enjoy innovative, highly successful solutions for their unique needs.

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Please contact us with a detailed message for our team. Response times vary depending on the time of the day.
We aim to respond to all requests within 24-48 hours.

IDI Ventures Limited, Arie Shenkar 2, 2nd floor, Hertzliya, 4672502, Israel.